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Hours & Tickets

Get tickets, find out prices and dive into the Who, What, Where & When details of the show!

Getting to the Show

Find a fancy little map and exact directions on how to get to the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Contests & Promotions

Fingers and toes crossed! Enter to win a vehicle, an Auto Show swag bag, and tonnes of other great prizes!

More Details

Volkswagen Playcare

Little ones too tired to walk the whole Show? Drop them off with the trained professionals at the Volkswagen Playcare and tour the Show on your own!

Test Drives

At the Vancouver International Auto Show, you can experience many of the vehicles on display first hand. EVE Test Drives by CEVforBC™ and Toyota and Lexus hybrid Ride and Drives are available!

Daily Drive-Ups

From Tuned Up Pick-Ups to a myriad of Mini’s there is something for everyone with daily rotating Drive-Ups on Jack Poole Plaza!

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