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March 24th, 2017

Abbotsford News Some vehicles gain notoriety for their engine innovation, some for their revolutionarydesign. Others still become famous, or infamous as the case may be, because of theirdubious owners. In those cases the car can become almost as legendary as the owner themselves,which is the situation with a one-of-a-kind car that played a part of the politicalhistory of the American deep south, vanished into thin air and is about to reappear80 years later in Canada, thanks to an Abbotsford custom car shop. To understand the importance of the story the mystery car has to tell, one first needsto understand the history of the man, and manufacturer, who created it. In the roaring ‘20s in Auburn, Ind. a man named Errett Lobban Cord was drawingnotoriety as a part promoter, part visionary. He was a flamboyant salesman andbusiness tycoon who was drawn to the car-making business because of its money-making possibilities. In 1924, when he was just 30 years of age, Cord took over the day-to-day operationsof the Auburn Auto brand. Rather than focus on the conservative design of the day,Cord focused on cosmetics, and Auburns almost overnight were transformed intosome of the best-looking cars on the road. They were both technical and stylingmasterpieces. By 1929 Cord was looking to expand the company to include his own name on theroster, and thus the brand regarded by many auto experts as the coolest and mostrevolutionary vehicle nobody’s ever heard of, the Cord Automobile Corporation wasborn. At the same time as Cord’s star was rising in the automotive world, 800 miles to thesouth in Louisiana one of the most outspoken and colourful politicians in U.S. historywas also climbing through the ranks of the American politician system.Huey Long,self-nicknamed “The Kingfish,” was elected as a U.S. Senator in 1932 after servingfive years as governor of Louisiana. A vocal Democrat and supporter of Franklin D.Roosevelt, Long’s agenda was received with well publicized outrage by the Ku KluxKlan, who publicly denounced him as having “un-American views on authority.” By early 1935 the two men’s lives were about to intersect. Under growing threats byhis enemies towards Long, the State of Louisiana commissioned a custom-madevehicle for Senator Long. The vehicle was a one of a kind Cord, a vehicle that featuredan astounding 18 automotive firsts, the highest ever from any manufacturer. Thisparticular Cord was especially important, as it had been commissioned to bebulletproof. Construction began on the hand-built vehicle but fate intervened onceagain when on Sept. 8, 1935 a single assailant shot Senator Long. He died two dayslater. Meanwhile, construction on his vehicle continued, and, upon its completion two yearslater in April 1937, the Cord Automotive Company delivered the vehicle to the Stateof Louisiana. With no clear mandate for its use, the Cord was turned over to the U.S.Coast Guard, whose leadership used the vehicle until selling it in 1944 to one of itsofficers. The apparent curse of the Cord continued when the naval officer wasdeployed and killed in the Second World War, having barely had a chance to drive theluxurious automobile. The widow placed the Cord in storage, where it remained, until 1963 when she optedto trade the Cord in on a brand new Oldsmobile. The owner of the New Brunswickdealership did not recognize the significance of the Cord, and kept the vehicle inprivate storage, never driven, until 1984 when the aging owner decided to downsizehis inventory. Enter Chilliwack businessman Gary Morgan, who heard of thecollection, and in particular the rumours of a historic, and possibly cursed, 1937Cord. With little patience for superstition Morgan purchased the Cord as a restorationproject, and returned to Chilliwack where the Cord spent 30-plus years in storageslowly restoring on way to its original grandeur. “I bought the car as a project in ’84 and I’ve been working on it ever since,” Morgansaid. Aside from its illustrious pedigree the 1937 Cord is one of the most importantautomotive accomplishments in history. The car boasts a total of 18 automotive“firsts” including hidden antennae, a unibody design, hidden headlights, a concealedgas cap, electric shift, no running boards, front opening hood (which led to thenickname “coffin-nosed Cord”), first North American production front-wheel drive,first detachable powertrain and the first vehicle with no visible hinges on the outside– instead, they were built into the doors of the car. All of these significant milestonesmake the Cord a “rocket ship of the 1930s” with a number of groundbreaking designand technological elements that weren’t achieved by its competitors until the 1960s. Morgan had a series of strokes and in late 2016 the car was shipped to famedAbbotsford auto restoration and custom car shop 360 Fabrication where the job ofrecreating the Cord fell to expert fabricator and one half of the 360 ownership teamDaryl Franceour. “We looked everywhere to find pictures of this car to use as templates in therestoration but there simply isn’t any,”Franceour said. “It’s been in storage essentiallysince 1941, and although there are other 1937 Cords, this one is 100 percent unique.It truly is a one-of-one car and the restoration has involved hand rebuilding the car –it’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle without a picture reference.” The illusive Huey Long Cord will make its very first public appearance on March 28 atthe Vancouver International Auto Show as one of the featured specialty vehicles ondisplay. The auto show runs until April 2 at the Convention Centre. Morgan is upbeat about the big unveil. “The car is an important and significant part of history, and I’m excited it’s about tofinally be done,” he said. “The team at360 have performed wonderfully and theworkmanship is remarkable.”

February 24th, 2017

Vancouver auto show Executive Director Jason Heard with the show promo car, a 2017 Audi S7, at Jack Poole Plaza. The Vancouver Sun By Andrew McCredie Are auto shows dead? That soul-searching question has made the rounds in the automotive industry the past few years, as even the annual car showcases haven’t escaped this age […]

February 10th, 2017

You’re Valentine is a 10! So are #vanautoshow17 tickets. $10 through to Feb. 16. Order 2 and receive a Limited Edition “I heart Cars” carabineer keychain with your purchase (pick up your keychain onsite at the Show Office). Use PROMO CODE: iheartcars

December 13th, 2016

Christmas Special We are reaching out with a warm wish for a fantastic Christmas holiday season and also to thank you our fans for being a great supporter of our show in the past. We are offering a holiday and thank you sale on tickets to next year’s show with a special 2-for-1 ticket offer. […]

April 2nd, 2016

Despite being a day shorter than last year, the 2016 Vancouver International Auto Show drew 5,000 more visitors than the 2015 event at the Vancouver Convention Centre. By Andrew McCredie drivingdotca VANCOUVER — So much for this city’s anti-car rep. Last week’s Vancouver International Auto Show crested the six-figure mark for the first time in […]

March 29th, 2016

Despite Shorter Show – Average Daily Crowds Set Show Record Vancouver, B.C. – The 96th annual Vancouver International Auto Show drew 101,853 attendees in 2016, an increase of almost 5,000 attendees from the record setting 2015 numbers. This attendance comes despite venue timing conflicts resulting in the show being one day shorter in 2016. “We […]

March 15th, 2016

Industry Insider: By Originally published: March 5, 2016 From debuts of new vehicles to classic cars, there’s an array of attractions at this year’s Vancouver auto show VANCOUVER — Excitement is building for the Vancouver International Auto Show, Western Canada’s best-attended consumer automotive event. Just weeks away, this year’s show will feature the hottest […]

February 25th, 2016

Vancouver, BC – Known for showcasing the world’s most amazing custom cars, trucks and bikes, The NOS Energy DUB Show Tour was born in the U.S. but has developed an international reputation as the home of the coolest aftermarket vehicles in the world. The DUB Tour was founded by the creators of the exceptionally popular […]

February 25th, 2016

Event draws 100,000 people to downtown Vancouver BY SHAWN CONNER, SPECIAL TO THE SUN FEBRUARY 23, 2016 Business of Auto: Auto Show keeps on growing The Vancouver International Auto Show is Western Canada’s largest consumer trade show. In 2016, nearly 100,000 people walked the floors of the Vancouver Convention Centre to check out hundreds of […]

February 25th, 2016

Massive investment in futuristic one-offs, and pace of technological change, disrupting the darlings of the auto show ANDREW MCCREDIE, VANCOUVER SUN FEBRUARY 23, 2016 Ask most people on the showroom floor during next month’s Vancouver International Auto Show why they’re there and chances are they’ll say to check out the new vehicles. Maybe so. But […]

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