About Us

  • Blair Qualey
  • President and CEO
  • New Car Dealers Association of BC

President’s Message

Welcome to the 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show (VIAS), March 24-29, 2015, at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Presented by the New Car Dealers Association of B.C. (NCDABC), the Auto Show is in its 95th year. The Auto Show is the largest consumer show in Western Canada with over 85,000 guests expected to attend.

Our commitment to you and our consumers is to provide the best possible Auto Show experience ever. We’re listening to your feedback and that’s why for 2015, we have brought in new management to drive the Show towards a brighter future. In addition, the Show is growing by over 25% to include ballrooms, stunning views and the best entrance of any Show around the world! Not only are we committed to presenting a great Auto Show this year, we see a bright future ahead for the Show in Vancouver. By 2017, VIAS will be the first consumer event using both the East and West Buildings at the Vancouver Convention Centre, adding another 120,000 sq. ft.

Here at the New Car Dealers Association of BC, we are committed to ensuring VIAS features as a stop on the international show circuit. I hope you will join us at the 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show and take advantage of the many special displays, including:

  • Car Culture, with interactive vignettes highlighting themed lifestyles;
  • Hollywood North with famous cars filmed in B.C. movies and TV shows;
  • Life sized Hot Wheels cars
  • Custom built and modified hot rods;
  • Electric Avenue, including a 100% electric Bigfoot monster truck;
  • a million dollar Mystery Lincoln build; and more…

To learn more about NCDA, please visit: www.NewCarDealers.ca

Auto Show Overview

The Vancouver International Auto Show (VIAS) is Western Canada’s largest consumer shows, and one of Western North America’s premier automotive exhibition events. The Auto Show is in its 96th year, presented by the New Car Dealers Association of BC (www.NewCarDealers.ca). For 2015, the Auto Show grew into the Ballrooms at the Vancouver Convention Centre, occupying 25% more display space. VIAS is a member of Auto Shows of North America.


About The New Car Dealers Association of BC

The New Car Dealers Association of BC represents more than 360 New Car Dealers throughout the province, who generate close to $11 Billion in economic activity, pump $1.9 Billion net GDP directly into BC’s economy, and employ more than 36,000 people in B.C.
The Association speaks on behalf of British Columbia’s new car industry to the public, media, and government, and deals with the legal, environmental, and consumer issues relating primarily to new vehicle sales in British Columbia.