Concept: Rogue Dogue

A doggone useful concept! Nissan presents it’s special edition Rogue Dogue concept for the 2018 Vancouver International Auto Show. Transporting a dirty dog(s) is a pain but not in this unique ride. Dogs ride in comfort with some fantastic pet friendly features. The Rogue Dogue concept comes with everything a family on the go with a dog could ever need. The pup rides in comfort inside the plush, quilted cargo area, but first, Nissan provides the tools to make Rover presentable. Under the floor of the cargo area are two pullout drawers with a mini dog-grooming kit.

There’s even a shower nozzle with built-in blowdryer nozzle. Once the dog is dried, a small ramp extends from the back to allow dogs of all size to enter comfortably. The cargo area features a spill-proof water bowl and a treat dispenser. There’s also a special clip for harnesses, to keep your dog safe. What’s not to like? Now if only it came with some cute puppies!

Concept: Cadillac Escala

The Cadillac Escala Concept makes its Vancouver debut at the 2018 Vancouver International Auto Show.

See this cool concept from Cadillac – the Escala signals the brand’s design direction and Cadillac’s return to the pinnacle of premium. With Cadillac’s luxurious design, Escala is longer, leaner and lower than the CT6 full-size sedan. You might even  see this gorgeous concept winking at you!

*All vehicles subject to change, without notice.

Debut: Koenigsegg Agera RS

There is no doubt that Vancouver is the land of the exotic vehicle. So much so that we have more exotic and luxury cars per capita than anywhere else in North America. And if we are auto-­‐Mecca, there is one car which may be our king – meet the speed crushing supercar that is equally a design and mechanical marvel, the Koenigsegg Agera RS.

When the doors open to the 2018 Vancouver International Auto Show on March 28th, the two cars that may in fact, draw the most attention, are the two Koenigsegg Agera RS supercars in the Weissach Group booth, located at the entrance of the event.

On display for the first time in Western Canada, the Agera RS is the fastest production car on the planet and owner of five current world speed records. The pair of Agera RS’s will be on display throughout the Show, March 28 – April 1, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

Faster Than a Small Airplane, the Agera To Take Flight in Canada in Vancouver
The Agera RS, sold exclusively in Canada by the Weissach Group in Vancouver, has recorded speeds topping 457.94 km/h, smashing five world records last Fall, including the highest top speed achieved by a production vehicle on a public road.

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