Please give a detailed description of your vehicle. The information will be used to create signage for your vehicle as well as in media promotion such as e-Newsletter, PR and social media.

As a featured vehicle participant you are allotted 2 exhibitor badges and 6 general admission tickets. Please provide the full name of each person and picture to be used on the badge. These badges can be picked up in Show Office 201 during move-in.

*** Please note: This form is for confirmed vehicles only. If you have not already done so please reach out to a member of our Sales Team***

Before beginning this form please make sure you have all the information requested at hand. Once starting this form you will not be able to save and come back to it at a later date. If you would like to email your photos in, please complete the form and email

Thank you for agreeing to place your vehicle as a part of a display for the 100th Anniversary.

Your vehicle will be showcased in the agreed upon location at the Vancouver Convention Centre West as a part of a group display celebrating 100 years of automotive history in BC. All vehicles will be behind stanchions and there will be 24-hour security.

VIAS will also be supplying signage brief signage regarding your vehicle. These signs will be standardized for a professional look to the display area. Please provide a short write-up (50 words) on your vehicle. Information included is at the discretion on Show Management.

Please note: The show draws over 115,000 people so plenty of pictures of your vehicle will be taken.

Move-In Details
You will move in your vehicle into the building on March 23 or 24, 2020 depending on your location on the show floor.

The Vancouver Convention Centre accepts all vehicles entering the building through a VOYAGE CONTROL system which works much like a restaurant table reservation system. 2 weeks prior to the move-in date you will be sent details on how to log-in and reserve a specific time during move-in. You will be required to show identification (driver’s licence), provide a cell phone number and a description of the vehicle.

All the display areas will be carpeted and we will supply small pieces of carpet for under each wheel as required by the Convention Centre. If a drip pan is necessary, we ask that you supply one that fits well under your vehicle. The move-in door for this area is located on the Pacific Terrace next to the killer whale statue on the West side of the building off Canada Way.

Here is a map showing how to approach the building via the Multiway. March in Vancouver can be nice weather but there is always of chance of rain, so a tent will be placed at the move in door for vehicles to be wiped down if necessary.


Move-out occurs on Sunday March 29 night after the show closes at 6:00 PM and all public has left the area. The aisle carpet is rolled up and then vehicles are allowed to move out. Please do not expect to drive your vehicle from the building before 6:45 PM. If your vehicle is being trailered from the show, please note that trailers remain on the Plaza level and the vehicle must come down from the Pacific Terrace to be loaded. This entire process takes some time so please be patient.

All vehicles and display material must be removed from the VCC Ballroom by midnight Sunday, March 29, 2020.

During the lead up to the Show, our social media team increases its engagement with the local community. This may include sneak peaks into this specialty area using the image you provided of your vehicle. If you would like to be tagged in these posts please reach out to with your social media handles.

VIAS is extremely excited to have you and your vehicle join us for the 100th year celebration of the show. We will have some surprises in store for you and the public that will add to the fun and excitement that the show offers. Welcome and thank you very much for agreeing to share your great vehicle with the people of British Columbia.