We are currently working on a host of new features and activations that will yield all new experience with the VIAS.  We have several in the works, here is a description of one, and how you may be able to get involved.
Car CultureLifestyles and the vehicles that drive them.
All new for the 2015 show, the Car Culture feature will highlight accessorized vehicles displayed in lifestyle setting and provide exhibit opportunities to directly connect with consumers who are interested in those specific lifestyles. Concepts like the “Great Outdoors”, “Work Zone” and “City Luxury” the feature spaces will showcase select vehicles in these settings surrounded by products and services that reflect the theme.  These turn key, show led displays will form the highlight that defines each of the lifestyles and basically bring the lifestyles to life on the show floor (think a 3-d magazine ad).  Booth space and sponsorships will engage like minded consumer products and services attracting lifestyle patrons.  Learn how to get involved – jheard@newcardealers.ca

The Great Outdoors Concept Rendering                                                                                                          Sea To Sky Concept Rendering
The Great OutdoorsSea To Sky

Check back in the Spring for Feature updates and Highlights for 2015.
Below is a list of 2014 Features.  

Back and bigger than ever!

Motor Vehicle Sales Authority and “Walt” the curber presentation on the Potential risk of poor vehicle safety, and the lack of protections buying when from a Curber

  • AutoApprentice – Automotive Industry Careers
  • Nigel Mathews – Hagerty Canada – Collector Cars and Collector Car Insurance
  • Joe Battrick – Area 27
  • ICBC – Distracted Driving
Keep an eye out for show features and promotions from the Show’s media partners

  1. Grand Prize Kia
  2. Miller Park racetrack Mustang experience
  3. Dirt Fish Rally School
  4. Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy Mastering Performance Program
  5. BMW M Power Driving Experience
  6. Lamborghini California Track Day
  7. Whistler weekend getaways

Hagerty Classic and Collectable Alley

There’s so much more here than just classics. We have some crazy special rides from the experts at 360 Fabrication. Ever seen a $700,000 Mustang? You will here!

Live Auction

Make a special note to visit the Show on Saturday afternoon for the first-ever live public no reserve auction at the Redline Stage. The Vancouver Collector Car Show & Auction will be working with our friends at Maynards to bring something brand new to the Vancouver International Auto Show for 2014, a live auction of a classic car.

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Mustang, the choice of vehicle was simple – a classic mustang.  We sourced what will be a beautiful, newly restored 1966 Mustang and will be selling it NO RESERVE with all net proceeds benefiting the New Car Dealers Foundation.


The Exotics

The Exotics are always a crowd favourite. You’ll get a chance to see models from Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley and McLaren

Commercial exhibits

The Auto Show doesn’t have a lot of space for commercial displays, but the ones we have are carefully chosen. They line the lobby and inside the main exhibition hall.


The Green Ride and Drive

We’re expecting another solid offering for show goers to register and drive some top “green” rides. Special models from Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Smart, Infiniti and Ford  will be in front of the Convention Centre.

The VW Playcare Centre  New

New this year is a special activity centre where your little ones can be safely watched and entertained by the professional child care staff while you check out the Show.


Drive up days Saturday and Sunday – Jack Poole Plaza

Saturday highlights the Mustang Club of Vancouver who are aiming for 50 Mustangs to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Mustang! Then on Sunday is the Porsche club of BC. They usually start arriving about 10:30. It’s a rare treat to see them pull up!


Simulated driving!

There’s lots of opportunity to get behind the “virtual wheel” with the aid of driving experience simulators from Ford, Subaru and ICBC’s Distracted Driver simulator

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