How much are tickets and how can I purchase them?

Ticket prices will be announced in early 2015. We encourage online purchase to avoid any onsite lines. Tickets may be purchased on-site, during Show hours. Tickets will be sold online starting 4 weeks in advance of the Show. Accommodation, dining and show ticket packages are also available through Tourism Vancouver.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, credit and debit are accepted on-site.

Can I get a refund?

Refunds will not be issued.

What days and times are the least crowded?

It is best to attend weekdays to avoid crowds.

Can I purchase tickets with my smart phone?

Yes, on-line tickets may be purchased with a smart phone. A barcode will be generated and scanned from your phone (you are not required to print the ticket).

Can I leave and come back?

Same day re-entry is permitted. Ensure you receive a hand stamp before exiting.

Are cameras and videos allowed?

Yes, photos and videos are permitted for personal use.

Can I bring a backpack?

Yes, bags and backpacks are permitted, however, may be searched by security at the entrance.

Are pets allowed in the Show?

Facility rules prohibit pets from entering the building, unless they are service animals.

Can you purchase cars/accessories at the Show?

You are not able to purchase a vehicle at the Show, however, you may connect with a salesperson and complete the sale at a dealership. Accessories are for sale in the commercial marketplace.

Is there somewhere to have a meal?

The facility will have food and beverage service onsite in the Exhibit Pre Funcation Space for 2015. There are also several restaurants, fast food, and pubs that surround the facility.

Can I bring my own food/beverages into the Show?

Facility rules prohibit outside food and beverages.

When is next year’s Vancouver International Auto Show?

The 2015 Vancouver International Auto Show dates are March 24-29.

Can I have free or discounted tickets?

Due to the volume of requests, free and discounted tickets are not issued through the Show.